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Small Business Listing Professional Buyer
About us
» about scnet

Economic and Employment growth are amongst the biggest challenges facing South Africa today. Government has a clear objective of solving these challenges through the growth and development of a healthy and sustainable SMME sector.

To achieve this, government is looking to big business, state-owned-enterprises and public departments to channel billions of Rands in procurement expenditure to SMMEs in order to promote the development of this sector.

» vision

Supply Chain Network in association with Absa Bank, provides a Procurement Portal with powerful technology to connect small business and big business with one another. The vision is to quickly and smartly facilitate business connections to stimulate economic and employment growth.

» mission

Our objective is to provide procurement tools to make it simple for procurement professionals to connect to valid small businesses who can successfully deliver against the required procurement targets. Through our alliance with Absa Bank we are providing small businesses with access to growth and development opportunities, required to best meet the needs of Big Business, effectively closing the gap between Big Business and Small Business.

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