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Highbay LED PRO 120w1069Highbay LED PRO 120wLightspec2430.752_HighbayLED_Pro.jpg103506Colour temperature: 6500K – L51 –V51
NA1035Bio DieselGarden Fuel12.00biodiesel_teaser_image.jpg22109R12.00 per litre at Cape town refinery. Minimum order of 5 000L.
1901106Avansa MaxDetect 190Avansa Money Counters564.30190_-_160_x_150.jpg92063Stop the counterfeits from affecting your business and protect hard earned cash with this counterfeit detector system that includes ultraviolet(UV), water mark(WM) and a magnifying lens. Approved by the SABS.
LED Floodlight 30W1063LED Floodlight 30WLightspec389.351_Floodlight.jpg103506Colour temperature: 6500K

3 Year Warranty
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