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V-FORM Anti-Static1326V-FORM Anti-StaticPSA Africa (Pty) Ltd1.00v_form_Anti-Static-300x300.jpg102450The harness is designed to offer a perfect solution for working safely in a potentially explosive atmosphere. It is made of polyester with 5 conductive threads to achieve the anti-static property.
Ultima XIR1267Ultima XIRPSA Africa (Pty) Ltd1.00ultima-300x300.jpg102450For more information, contact PSA Africa on -

0860 543 356
Affinity 21001287Affinity 2100PSA Africa (Pty) Ltd1.00disposable-mask-affinity-fls-1.jpg102450For more information, contact PSA Africa on -

0860 543 356
N/A1264RADIOGRAPHY INSPECTIONMaterials Testing and Inspection Services375.00RT.PNG118418Our Prices are as follows:

1. R375.00p/h during normal working days.
2. R675.00p/h during on Saturday
3. R900p/m on Sunday and Public Holidays

Please contact us for quotation

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