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Fortinet Fortiwifi
R 12 374,70


2.5 ton Forklift Diesel
R 189 000,00


1100+P1103Avansa SuperCoin 1100 + PrinterAvansa Money Counters7627.171100p_-_160_x_150.jpg92063The convenient Avansa SuperCoin 1100 coin counter counts, sorts and batches coins. Thanks to the high speed (216 coins per minute) and the large loading tray (300 up to 500 coins) you can complete cashups with ease. Moreover you can effortlessly prepare a bank deposit thanks to the adjustable batch function. Ease-of-use and robust construction make this the perfect solution for any environment where coin sorting is necessary.
Rechargeable Outdoor Floodlight 10w1094Rechargeable Outdoor Floodlight 10wLightspec150.0011_Rechargeable_Floodlight.jpg103506Rechargeable Outdoor Floodlight
12V Car Charger & 220V Charger
Charge Last 3-5 Hours

Charging Time: 3-4 Hours
Colour temperature: 6000K

10W – 500 Lumens
4700+P1104Avansa PocketScale 4700 + PrinterAvansa Money Counters7627.174700p_-_160_x_150.jpg92063The Avansa PocketScale 4700 is an all in-one solution for counting your coins and notes. The all in-one system provides an accurate and quick way to count both coins and notes, while also providing direct print outs of counts via the linked Printer.
Highbay LED PRO 120w1069Highbay LED PRO 120wLightspec2430.752_HighbayLED_Pro.jpg103506Colour temperature: 6500K – L51 –V51
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