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NA1368AERO air sanitiser 5LDlalose chemicals and Service store105.80AER.PNG116475Aero is a ready to use air freshener for use through a trigger spray. It is
available in a number of different varieties namely cherry, rose, lemon and
N/a1242Security Service (manned services)Professional Risk and Security Solutions1.00Security.JPG120007Guarding, Specialized checkers & packers, Alarm monitoring & Armed response officers, High value goods escorts, Close Protection Operatives, VIP Drivers & executive vehicles, Undercover operatives.
Rechargeable Outdoor Floodlight 20w1095Rechargeable Outdoor Floodlight 20wLightspec300.0011_Rechargeable_Floodlight.jpg103506Rechargeable Outdoor Floodlight
12V Car Charger & 220V Charger
Charge Last 3-5 Hours
Charging Time: 3-4 Hours
Colour temperature: 6000K
20W – 1000 Lumens
N/a1527Heritage studyPhuka tsa Nong1.00New_pic.jpg22579Heritage study- specialist study aim to identify heritage resources within a proposed development area, assess their significance, assess the impact of the development on the heritage resources and provide relevant mitigation measures to alleviate impacts.

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