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Small Business Listing Professional Buyer
SCNet Solutions
Option 1 – Solutions accessible via the Supply Chain Network Marketplace
The SCNet solutions are modular allowing a client to choose
the most appropriate combination of solutions to best meet the business requirements

  • Access to SA’s largest online Trade Directory (70,000+ registered and verified vendors)
  • Powerful search and advanced search capability for quick and effective supplier research – over 100 data points including compliance documents
  • Access to eProcurement solution to automate the management of quote requests and drive cost savings
  • In addition to Premium membership in Module 1 – On-board existing vendors to the SCNet online marketplace (no cost to vendors)
  • Automated reminders when key documents expire
  • Call Centre intervention to chase up to date vendor information
  • Maintenance of over 100 points of master data with weekly health check reporting
  • Online dashboard to view vendor state of health in real time with extract reporting

Option 2 Solutions accessible via a Digital Corporate Vendor Portal

The SCNet vendor portal solution enables a client to implement
a digital vendor management solution against its own rules of engagement
  • Implement an online vendor registration module with a dedicated client URL
  • Eliminate paper based vendor registration processes
  • Configured vendor registration process with Task Manager approval workflow
  • Automate vendor on-boarding and the management of potential vendors
  • Task Manager interventions to track supplier requests to update company information
  • Standard reporting dashboards
  • Report integration – File formats for update to the Corporate ERP
  • Requires Modules 1 and 2 to activate solutions

The Corporate Edition allows for the following:

  • a more complex vendor registration process to allow for registration routing
  • additional registration fields to allow for document upload specific to client requirements
  • customised reporting dashboards
  • Savings Tracker dashboard
  • Requires Modules 1 and 2 to activate solutions

A client can choose optional integration to ERP – If integration is not required-
the stand alone Vendor Portal provides report integration as a standard feature

  • New vendor auto create with secure ERP integration
  • Authentication and rules based integration standards using SOAP calls via webservices using XML
  • Automated rules for the approval and update of sensitive masterdata changes i.e. company registration changes and black change requests
  • Update schedule and transaction log to track all update requests
  • Requires Modules 1, 2 and Module 3 or 4 to activate integration
  • Automated transfer of requisitions from the client ERP for auto conversion to sourcing event
  • Convert requisition to sourcing template without having to recapture data
  • RFQs can be awarded and auto-returned to the client ERP for the purposes of PO approval and PO create
  • Once PO is confirmed an automated email is sent to the vendor confirming the PO number for invoicing.
  • Requires Modules 1 and Module 3 or 4 to activate integration

Additional solutions available to a client that has implemented
the Corporate Edition of of the Vendor Portal

  • Store contract documents against a vendor profile for easy access
  • Contract RFQ
  • Contract Catalogues with Shopping Basket check out
  • Contract review reminder – automated prompts when contracts are due for review
  • Contract writer – a tool to create legally compliant supply contracts
  • Electronic Exchange for procurement documents
  • Purchase order electronic distribution to vendors
  • Vendors acknowledge receipt of PO
  • Submitting Invoices online with audit trail and management reporting
  • Remittance advises available to the vendor accessible via their online profile

Additional SCNet solutions available to a client

SCNet provides a stand alone service for the vetting of supplier information

  • CIPC- Company Registration status + Directors
  • SARS
  • Bank Account validation
  • ID Validation
  • High Risk Sanctions checks
  • Credit Rating
  • BBBEE Fronting Assessments
  • Through Access to Markets sponsorship of qualifying supply enterprises = ESD expenditure
  • SCNet provides target enterprises with support to extract business development opportunities
  • Tender research gets early leads – over 8000 new researched opportunities every month
  • Business Networking to promote SMME to SMME engagement
  • Assistance to setup an online store and catalogue to promote trade amongst SMMEs
  • Reverse – Use the SCNet auction tools to allow vendors to compete for your contracts
  • Forward - Use the SCNet auction tools to auction off redundant assets and achieve top price for these assets
  • SCNet provides SA’s most comprehensive online marketplace – easily reach interested parties
  • Auction rules – set rules and monitor users bidding
  • Audit trails and system security
  • Outsource low value transactional procurement to SCNet
  • With our extensive market reach we can help you automate and reduce costs

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