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N/a1615Air FreightKhaas Logistics Pty Ltd1.00air-freight.jpg128999With the expansion of trade networks and exponential growths of markets in recent years, air freight has come to be regarded as an efficient means to ship... Please contact us for a Quote
N/a1617Customs ClearingKhaas Logistics Pty Ltd1.00customs-clearing.jpg128999The process of passing goods through customs so that they can enter or leave a country is complex. There are a lot of documents to be processed and fees to be paid... Please contact us for a Quote
N/a1618Road FreightKhaas Logistics Pty Ltd1.00twotrucks.png128999In the logistics business, road freight a big consideration for moving cargo between cities and towns within countries and within continents... Please contact us for a Quote.
N/a1616Sea FreightKhaas Logistics Pty Ltd1.00sea-freight.jpg128999Not too long ago there was a perception that sea freight is slow and plodding compared to its glamorous airborne rival. Well, things are changing... Please contact us for a Quote

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